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The pot on the stove is whistling. Ben has been listening to it for over ten minutes. Surely the water will evaporate and the siren will end. Surely.

Ben is stuck in his chair, not literally, but he may as well be. He’s been watching the same show for hours and has no intention of getting up again. He was going to make coffee in order to stay awake, but maybe he’s better off finding dreamland. He can’t be sure. All he knows is he wants to find out what happens next in a land of make believe. His own…

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Mark pushed himself away from his desk just as the clock in the corner of his computer monitor turned to 4:00 pm. It was Friday, which meant he’d be stopping by the deli after work to pick up sub sandwiches for him and his wife, Hanna.

For the past five years it’d been the same order, his a classic ham on swiss with mustard, mayo, lettuce and tomato, and hers with similar fixings minus the tomato and provolone instead of swiss. Since she became pregnant three months ago she was changing up her order each week. Mark checked his phone…

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Terrye Turpin has written two great stories for The Weekly Knob.

Gail Walter has written two wonderful poems in Loose Words.

Priyanka Srivastava wrote a great poem for Weeds and Wildflowers and another for A Cornered Girl.

Zachary Seda wrote a poetic short story for Storymaker and a delightful story titled “My Friend”.

Jeff Suwak has been writing a story titled “The Sunset Matinee” on Lit Up, with Part 4 releasing earlier this month.

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