Working From Home — Short Story

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Dave sat down at his home work desk. To his side he had a fresh cup of coffee. A wisp of steam climbed towards the popcorn ceiling. He looked out the window at his lawn, where his two children had left out their toys from the day before. He shook his head, remembering how he asked them to clean up before coming in for dinner. The thought of the mixed vegetables from the night before caused his nose to scrunch. …

Short Story

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Sam wasn’t sure what to have for breakfast. Cereal, or take the extra time to make some eggs and bacon? He opted for the cereal and spent five minutes scrolling through news on his phone beside the empty bowl. His dog, Watson, rested on the floor beside him.

There was an article that caught Sam’s eye just as he was almost done scrolling, or so he told himself. The title of the article read ‘Who Reads Books Anymore?’ and a smug look curled up the sides of Sam’s face. He was an avid reader, just not lately. He glanced over…

Fiction Friday

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With one week left before retiring Ryan was looking forward to getting home and enjoying what would essentially be his last weekend.

“It’ll be Saturdays and Sundays for the rest of my days,” said Ryan to his co-worker Ben. “You’ll be joining me soon enough. What, another year or two?”

“I wish,” replied Ben. “I wasn’t putting money into retirement on day one like you were. I’ll be here another four, or five depending on if my daughter will still need some help with her student loans. She just scored a gig at the hospital though, so who knows. Maybe…

Fiction Friday

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David couldn’t remember how long it’d been since his last time flying. The world looked so small as he soared through the sky. The white blankets of shapes he admired from below were cold and wet. The tip of his nose twitched as he broke free from the spout of a blue whale. He could see his house, the home he shared with his wife and two daughters, and couldn’t believe his entire life fit into that little speck on the grand quilt that was his hometown.

Kathryn, David’s wife, was the first person he ever told about his ability…

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