A Martian Exploring An Art Gallery On Earth

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“What’s the point of all this?” — Florobanoxaleathamancowi (The Martian)

“What do you mean?” — The Art Curator

“This gallery is filled with nothing but paintings. I don’t understand the practical uses for such things.” — The Martian

“It brings joy, it sparks creativity. Art is a doorway into the soul.” — The Art Curator

“Well close the door and seal it with glorb cuts. They’ll be sticking enough to ensure nobody opens that door ever again. On Mars we spend our time working on practical things. Just the other day we finished a building big enough or a thousand families. Isn’t that more practical than art? I can see people in some of these paintings, are they trapped? Can humans live inside this art?” — The Martian

“The door to one’s soul must never be locked. Art is a means to make sure that never happens. As long as the artist can turn the key in some way each day, once a week, once a month, once in a lifetime, the world we forever be gifted with their unique abilities. For some the very meaning of life boils down to the creation of art. You can’t expect everyone to want to build tall towers for the world to live. Sometimes people need to live in the moment, and art can help with that.”- The Art Curator

“You’re speaking in riddles, but I do find your insight useful. Perhaps I need to broaden my understanding.” — The Martian

“Perhaps you do.” — The Art Curator

“What does this one mean? All I see is a big red dot in the center of a blue canvas with some green splattered on the sides. This isn’t anything. This makes me feel your art can be pointless.” — The Martian

“That’s one of my favorite pieces, actually. What do you think you see there?” — The Art Curator

“Looks like that fire ball you all praise so much on this planet. I see the ocean. I see the life that springs from the fireball and ocean working together. On second thought, I quite like this one.” — The Martian

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