Action on the Bridge

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She looked out the window at her son playing alone on the swing-set. He appeared to be treating the top wooden beam as a bridge. Two action figures were blocking passage across the bridge from two other (much more expensive) toys.

She opened the door to the backyard and called out that dinner was ready.

“Jeremy, come in. I’ve got your favorite for dinner!”

But, mooooooooooom,” he wiped a layer of sweat from his forehead, “the good guys are about to strike!”

“They’ll strike better on a full stomach! Come in before I lose my voice!”

Jeremy reluctantly set his figures down on the wooden beam. He walked towards the house, glancing back every few steps at the precariously perched heroes.

Jeremy scarfed down his meal. He chugged his milk, gripped his stomach, let out a deafening belch, and then excused himself from the table.

“Be careful up there,” said his mother. “Why don’t you play on the ground?”

“They need to cross the bridge, mom.” Jeremy rolled his eyes. “A ground level attack would be just what the bad guys are expecting, there’s probably a whole army of them down there waiting.”

“Do your big heroes think they can keep you safe up there? I don’t want you falling.”

“Mom, I’m not a baby.”

Jeremy ran back to where the action was taking place. He climbed the swing-set, his feet resting on the horizontal support beam on the left side.

“You must let us pass, Lord Darkness,” said Captain Sharkmeat

“Do you really think you can save ALL of them? You’re even dumber than I thought,” replied Lord Darkness. He cackled so much that he fell over, and almost fell off the bridge.

“My Lord,” said Night Shadow, the faithful henchman to the evil Lord Darkness. “You must be careful when this high up. I don’t want you falling.”

“I’ll be fine, Night Shadow. I’m not a baby.” Lord Darkness stood up and dusted himself off. “Well, let’s get this over with. I have some cartoons to watch in an hour and my mom is probably going to make me shower first.”

Captain Sharkmeat and his sidekick, Hammerhead Lad, took their fighting stances.

“This bridge isn’t big enough for all of us,” said Night Shadow. “Like really, I mean it. As long as we’re standing here you won’t be able to get by.”

“Then looks like you need to go bye-bye,” said Hammerhead Lad.

Lord Darkness shot a beam from his hand, an unexpected attack that Captain Sharkmeat had never seen before. The beam hit Hammerhead Lad in the chest and pushed him backward. A second beam knocked the young sidekick off balance and off the bridge, but he was able to grab hold at the last second.

“You’re a fiend, Lord Darkness,” said Captain Sharkmeat as he helped his comrade back up onto the bridge.

“And you’re a fool,” said Lord Darkness. He held his stomach and again cackled so hard that he fell over.

“Sir, please be careful,” cried Night Shadow.

Captain Sharkmeat and Hammerhead Lad wasted no time. The courageous duo ran up and pushed Lord Darkness from the bridge. Their nemesis fell from sight, but they both knew they’d see him again. They then turned their attention to Night Shadow.

“I’ll just, uhh…” Night Shadow nodded his head and then jumped.

“Jeremy, it’s getting dark! It’s time to come in!” shouted his mother from the open window in the kitchen. “You need a shower, too!”

“It’s almost time for cartoons,” said Hammerhead Lad.

“I hear Lord Darkness has a really nice TV,” replied Captain Sharkmeat. “Care to find out?”

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