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It’s a red dot on a blue background. Green has been spattered in various spots, as if the brush was turned into a slingshot. The artist had a slingshot as a child composed of a stick and one of the thick rubber bands that come wrapped around celery. The slingshot didn’t work all that well, but his parents wouldn’t buy him one. Whenever he got money from mowing the lawn a real slingshot didn’t come to mind, instead he wanted video games.

It’s a red dot on a blue background. Some of the people staring, he can hear their whispers, think the red dot is the sun and the blue background the sky, but the splattered green confuses them.

“Trees wouldn’t be in the sky.”

“Why not? The artist can do whatever they like.”

“Life isn’t like a video game. You can’t just do whatever you like.”

“Fair enough.”

Sometimes life is a slingshot that doesn’t really work. Sure, the rock will fly a foot or two, but that’s not what you’re looking for.

What is the red dot? What is the blue background? What are the green splatters? A red boat in a vast ocean with green sea monsters lurking. A red ball of fire in the sky heating up a swamp with algae. A nose on the face of a clown. A rock resting in a blue rubber band ready to launch into the trees.

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