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I don’t feel like creating anything today. If I sit down and try I’d just be wasting my time. There won’t be any flash of brilliance, no hidden idea lurking in the shadows. No. There’s no point. Instead I’ll just sit here.

I should at the very least try. It couldn’t hurt to spend, let’s say, an hour. Yeah. Let’s spend an hour and see what happens.

[Twenty minutes later the canvas is still blank]

There has to be something in this canvas. If I spend enough time I can find it.

There. There I see it now. There’s someone hiding in the corner over here. Looks like they’re hiding behind a rock. The rock is covered in moss. The man hiding is wearing a purple cloak. That’s strange. Is he a wizard? Who could he be hiding from? He looks quite frightened. Oh, now I see. There’s a large robot, eyes bright red, looking for the wizard. It’s a duel of science versus magic. Does the wizard have something up his sleeve? He’s concocting something in the bottle on the ground. The potion has smoke lofting from it. The robot is surely doomed.

[Three hours later]

What just happened?

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