Coffee Conundrum

The Words Won’t Come Out

The words won’t come out. They’re stuck at the bottom of the coffee cup — I can hear them as I shake the paper prison back and forth. Becoming, Hidden, Gobsmacked — they’re all rattling around at the bottom of the cup. The trouble is, this is my third cup. How can I be sure the words won’t jump into the next one as soon as I finish? What would I even create with those words?

Just my luck. The bottom of the cup is empty. There’s enough for one last refill in the pot. Maybe the coffee brand I bought was a dud? The guy on the outside of the coffee can looked relaxed, sitting on a rocking chair as he looked out into the sunrise and sipped his morning pick-me-up.

Maybe, the man in the chair, isn’t a writer and is relaxing before a day at the office, or on the farm. Maybe he’s retired and isn’t concerned about the words so he didn’t bother to inject enough into the beans to properly come out.

Whatever the case this just doesn’t seem fair. I’ll have to go to the store and try again with another brand, perhaps one with someone reading a book, or hunched over a desk — do those brands exist?

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