Did I Feed The Cat?

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A two hour meeting. He started the day with a two hour meeting. He rushed in the morning so there was no time for coffee. When he sat down in the only empty chair the woman beside him nudged his shoulder.

“There’s some soap behind your ear,” she said.

He was in such a rush he didn’t properly rinse after showering. He was in such a rush he didn’t care. He was in such a rush he couldn’t stop for coffee, or heat up some water to make his own. Halfway through the meeting he started to sweat. Did I feed the cat? He thought back to her bowl — orange. Was it full of brown pellets? He couldn’t remember. He’d need to stop home during lunch.

During Lunch: Either you ate it all or I’m an idiot. I’m sorry. I shouldn't have been rushing. I should’ve woken up earlier. I shouldn’t have stayed up so late. Episode six ended on a cliffhanger, episode seven did too, but by the end of that I was so tired all I could muster was enough energy to ascent the stairs — the creaking, screeching, crying stairs. He filled her bowl with brown pellets.

Back at work: Another meeting. The clock on the wall started to bleed ink. The numbers shifted, turning from one, two, three to tree, car, boat. He was losing it. Did he have a coffee during lunch? Did he remember to fill her bowl? No to coffee, yes to her bowl. He could rest easy.

“Excuse me…EXCUSE ME!”

“What?!” he shouted. He looked around the room. He’d fallen asleep during the second meeting. Eyes, monstrous eyes, monstrous judging eyes all locked onto his face. He wiped saliva from his chin.

“This isn’t summer school. We have work to do. Get out.”

He left.

He walked over to the coffee machine. On the way he rubbed an itch behind his ear. Soap.

Fiction writer. Coffee enthusiast. Writer of romance, mystery, and humor. Discover more at Patreon.com/danleicht and DanLeicht.com

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