Learning To Bake

It’s A Piece Of Cake!

Harold had never baked before in his life, but that wasn’t going to stop him from trying. How hard could it be? As he checked things off his list while dropping items into his grocery cart he made a sharp turn into the baking aisle (the layout of the store was ill-conceived, much like Harold’s misconceptions on baking).

At home he popped the recliner and swiped through the news on his tablet as he bobbed his head in glory. He’d turned the oven on, popped the brownies in, it was the simplest thing he’d ever done. Baking was a piece of cake!

“Hunny,” said his wife, she hung up her jacket and made her way into the kitchen. “What’s that smell? Is something burning?”

“I’m making brownies,” he said from the living room. “They should be done soon, actually. They’re instant. Nothing to it.”

“Did you take the ingredients out of the box first?”


Working From Home Isn’t Always Easy…

Fiction writer. Coffee enthusiast. Writer of romance, mystery, and humor. Discover more at Patreon.com/danleicht and DanLeicht.com

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