Ned’s Streaming Service

Everyone else has one, so why not Ned?

Carl noticed his neighbor setting up video equipment by the sidewalk when he arrived home from work. After parking his car in the garage he walked over to investigate.

“Hey, Ned,” said Carl. “What’s going on here?”

“I’ve decided to start my own streaming service. You know, like all the TV networks are doing these days.”

“Those networks have a lot of money to throw around.” He looked up at the roof of Ned’s house. “You haven’t gotten your shingles fixed yet. Shouldn’t that be your main priority?”

“Money doesnt matter when it comes to streaming. It’s all about the shows!” Ned grabbed a stack of papers from his porch. “Look here. I have ideas for about a dozen shows to kick-off the launch of my streaming service. I just have to film them all.”

“Don’t you need actors for that?” asked Carl.

Ned set down the papers and picked up a box full of wigs.

“Some friends from my improv class should be here any minute,” said Ned.

Carl turned and walked away. “I should’ve stayed in the city. I had a perfectly good apartment in the city…”

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