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She’ll be here in twenty minutes, which means time is running out. This place opened up at 7AM and I’ve been here since 10. The benefit of being here, is the coffee is cheap, I’m not the one responsible for making it, and the bathroom is close by. When at home the coffee always runs out — maybe using a french press isn’t the most efficient, maybe I should have two. The one I have is orange, because that’s my favorite color. What color would the second one be?

She’ll be here in ten minutes, which doesn’t leave me a lot of time. I was able to finish chapter 5, but if I’m being honest the entire chapter barely feels necessary. It’s like one of those scenes in a movie that feels like padding in order to fill out the run time. Chapter 4, I’m happy with chapter 4. Things are happening in chapter 4.

Chapter 6 only has that blinking text cursor. It’s like a pulse on a story that’s trying to hold on. Is there enough feeling left in these fingers to carry on the protagonist’s journey?

She’ll be here in five minutes, which means there is no time. Should I order for her? She likes four creams, four sugars, if I remember correctly.

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