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It’s early in the morning and the coffee is piping hot

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Tranquil music is playing, according to Alexa.

The cat is waiting for the laptop to find its way elsewhere.

Every time I look over she raises her voice.

Only a few more words. Maybe just one more sentence.

Alexa asks me to rate the song that just finished.

Wait. Where was I? What was I even writing about? The smart speaker broke my concentration and as I read through the story I’ve been working on none of it makes any sense.

Has this been a wasted morning? I take a moment to sip the coffee. Sipping the coffee was a mistake. It’s still too hot.

I set the laptop on the cushion beside me and wiggle my tongue in the air, a futile effort to rid myself of the painful burn.

The cat sees the opening and leaves her perch.

The story rests unfinished as she purrs.

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