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Black Holes and Cold Coffee

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Stuck between a desire to write something new, but also binge watch the rest of a season on Netflix. It’s clear which one is more important. Isn’t it?

I’ve been sitting at my laptop writing/editing for over four hours now. What’s going to happen in episode five?

A short story I wrote three years ago still doesn’t have a home. I’ve been working on the narration between rejections. When I feel it’s working I send it out again. When it comes back I dive in for more edits. Someday it won’t come back. That’s the goal at least. That’s always been the goal.

Last episode their ship lost electricity. The music got tense. I got nervous. The crew was scrambling. My coffee was cold. They were drifting through space towards a black hole.

I’m surrounded by notes for new stories, plot fixes for old stories. I’ve been drifting aimlessly all morning.

I wonder how they’ll turn the electricity back on. My bill was twenty dollars higher this month than last month. I wonder why that is.

The black hole draws closer, pulling me towards the couch. The caffeine, my electricity, tries to keep me on course.

I bet they’ll figure something out. They always do. There’s a way out of their predicament. Love that word.

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