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A Few of The (MANY!) Stories and Authors I’ve Recently Enjoyed Reading on Medium

I always enjoy when other writers put lists like this together. It’s fun to see who and what they highlight as some of their favorite reads because it’s a great way to find new stories and authors on medium, and when I’m included it’s an extra bonus and helps to make me feel on track — a feeling which I’d like to extend to some talented writers I’ve been reading recently on the platform.

This story by Eli Snow is written beautifully. A blend of poetry and prose that feels fitting for the season — which I’ve paired with one (of many) excellent poems.

Mark Starlin writes many humorous stories on medium. Some of my recent favorites have been comics and three line conversations.

J.D. Harms is perhaps writing more poetry than anyone on the platform. Which makes it hard to pick a recent favorite! I’ve narrowed it down to a couple, but I suggest you check out this writer’s profile for more.

P.G. Barnett writes so many great stories that come in multiple parts and keep you hooked. Other than stories P.G. has also written a lot of essays that contain helpful information, often in regards to a personal journey on the platform — but it’s similar to the one we’re all sharing together.

Tien Skye is an author I’ve recently found and was pleased to find many great stories and poems. Here’s a couple (there’s a lot more).

These are just a few of the many. If you have any authors you feel I should check out please leave their names in the comments. Happy reading (and writing)!

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