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The coffee beans were on the top shelf of the pantry and she couldn’t reach him. Neither could he.

“How’d they get up there?” he asked.

“I threw them up there,” she replied, her hands on her hips as he stared at the predicament.

“Why would you do that?”

“It was after work. I went to the store quick for a few things and when I got home, I was just too flustered to deal with anything. I tossed them up there and almost broke the eggs when I put them in fridge.”

He sighed and walked over to the kitchen table. He returned with one of the chairs and used it to reach the coffee beans.

“While I’m up here is there anything else we’re going to need?” he asked. “Do you have the grinder?”

She tapped her finger on her chin.

“That should be in the kitchen. Let me look.”

She walked over to the kitchen and after rummaging around gave him a thumbs up. He got down off the chair and brought the coffee over to the counter. She plugged in the grinder and he poured some beans into the top. The sound once the grinder was on caused the cat sleeping by the window to run for cover. He poured the grounds into the coffee maker and she added in the water.

Once they both had full steaming mugs, they sat at the kitchen table. Laying out in front of them was a game she was eager to play, a game most of her friends weren’t convinced would be fun. It was a card game, but the deck wasn’t the standard deck of kings and queens. The cards were adorned with space knights and alien races, each with different abilities and attacks. You could win the game by building up your resources to a certain point, or by attacking the other player until their health dropped from one-hundred to zero.

“Truce?” he asked.

“Let me see what my cards are first,” she replied, a huge grin across her face.

She dealt the cards. He took a sip of his coffee.

“So, what’ll it be?” He looked up to see her grin still stretching across her face. It was going to be war.

Fiction writer. Coffee enthusiast. Writer of romance, mystery, and humor. Discover more at Patreon.com/danleicht and DanLeicht.com

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