Zoom Meetings

So Many Backgrounds to Choose From

Photo By Kat Stokes on Unsplash

Ben had grown accustomed to having all his meetings online, truth be told he preferred it. With each meeting he moved to a different section of his cozy apartment, giving himself a reprieve from the confines of his office cubicle. As he nestled his tie closer to his neck he sat waiting for everyone else to join. Beside him was a sleeping dog and a steaming cup of coffee. He wore a suit-jacket and a pair of sweatpants, the bottom half of his attire causing him to smirk with glee — would everyone else in the chat be dressed in the same manner? There was no way to be sure.

As faces began to pop-up on screen Ben was beginning to feel self-conscious. Why did everyone keep giving wide-eyed stares? Perhaps their cameras weren’t good as his, he’d just gotten a new laptop and was feeling regal as he said hello to each newcomer.

Finally his boss logged on and began telling everyone what they’d be working on for the coming days. Before his boss could get to what Ben would be doing he stopped and stroked his chin.

“Ben,” his boss sighed and rolled his eyes, “is that your underwear hanging up behind you?”

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